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I dreamed, I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind
And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher;
the tools he used were books, music and art;
One a parent with a guiding hand and a gentle loving heart.

And when at last their work was done
They were proud of what they had wrought
For the things they moulded into the child
Could never be sold or bought.

And each agrees he would have failed
If he had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school,
And behind the teacher, the home.

Hello Budding Minds and team,
It's been my greatest pleasure to share this sincere and heartfelt appreciation about this school.
Presence of salt is very much important for any kind of food and we wouldn't feel the taste if pinch of salt is not added though it may be a very big dish or whatever special it might be and i will strongly say that Budding Minds are grooming their students like presence of salt and wherever they go simply we can distinguish with other schools without any doubt just like presence of salt and without any doubt they make a difference and in that particular group if no budding minds students are there for sure there will not be any bench mark
What makes me to express ike this?
a) One fine day while i was having dinner and my wife is preparing dosa for me and Raksha just carrying the dosa from kitchen to hall to give it to me she said "Dad you want dosa?" with excellent and fluent accent being a pre-school kids and no body in home insisted her to say like that
b) Once when we went on to our roof top of my house during rainy season,Raksha was sitting and enjoying the climate with beautiful english songs without any baffle/blabber and no body insisted her to sing a song but she took the initiative voluntarily
c) Very importantly the key take away of her is discipline which i was amazed, 'How come for this 3 year old baby they insisted such of kind of European standards without pressurising, that indicates how outstanding their staff's are
d) Very importantly the child is independant and enjoying much along with the key take aways and learnings which is very difficult when we compare our trending and education system that we had before >br>(Lot more words to doesn't end here)
About staff's whom we term it as Guru where i felt the real feel of Guru
Ramya Aunty: WOW.......i feel jealous about my daughter that Raksha didn't enchanted my name like that before :-) and i can see that Raksha is so hesitant to go to school in inital days where she used to cry before start and i don't know what magic she did within a month she changed a lot and even if i asked her to take leave to go out she will cry to go to school and if at all i playfully say that raksha i will change your school then immediately her answer will be dad only if ramya aunty is there i will go to that school. I personally felt that even in parent teachers meeting the way she conveyed the feedback and the areas of improvement is simply amazing and for sure that made a feel that school is operating with international quality. Whenever i check with her for any kind of query she will answer with pleasing smile :-). Special hats off to Ramya aunty
Ashok uncle: A man of simplicity and so down to earth. In one of the workshop conducted by the school about pet animals ashok uncle was there and being a chief consultant of this school i can see how effectively he involves the children and teaching methodology with pleasing smile and really i need to learn from him that professionalism is only inside the heart and not with the tough attitude that we show to others or in dress. Such a great person who inspired me because in general i had a feel from my childhood that correspondant's are always tough and they are not approachable but Ashok uncle is amazing. Hats off to you sir
Anu aunty: A lady with consistent and pleasing smile always while welcoming the kids and i never saw her mood deviating while i go to drop my kid in school which is very very difficult in practical life to see such a kind of person and a great mentor to all staff's of budding minds
Nalani Aunty: Who dominated Ramya aunty for 10 days during the dance practice is yet another carry forwarding testimonials for her :-)
I felt personally that if at all I had an opportunity to learn in 'Budding Minds School' my skill set will be different along with my life style as far i see.
Dear BMIS,
Firstly thank you for admitting our daughter in Budding Minds international. We want to share the happiness with you as my daughter; Amritavarshini had come out in flying colours completing her Grade 1 successfully. As a parent we still remember the panic days when she got admitted to a school in UK. We weren't sure how she will adapt to the new environment, culture and teaching methodology. She had seamlessly integrated with system and this is because of the teaching methodology that is been followed at Budding Minds. I am been absorbing the teaching methodology here in UK which is very similar to that of Budding Minds. I would go further to say the coaching, guidance and motivation is far better than in UK. She had scored 38 /40 in her phonics exam and secured National Level Grade –A in all her subjects. Please accept our sincere heartfelt gratitude for all the efforts the school had taken and special thanks to Mrs. Ponlatha for grooming her; otherwise she will be not here where she is today. Anywhere in the world my daughter wants to be a budding minder and we as parent wish to be associated with the school in any form. I would rather like to call it as a prayer, whenever we are back to India we want her to continue in Budding Minds. Again our sincere thanks for all the support and guidance you had provided. Regards, Rajendran Venkatraman -----------------
Congratulations for the entire Budding Minds Team for achieving this major Milestone. We are very glad to hear that BUDDING MINDS becoming an International School.
We are thankful to be part of this great team. The enthusiasm and interest you show towards each and every aspect in the school, be it Kids Fest or Project Day, is amazing. The spirit of each and every teacher is simply superb.
We are always ready to extend our cooperation in the development of the school. We wish you all the very best for future.
yours sincerely,
Parents of Surya Pranav PP2
Murali and Aruna
Kudos to the Budding minds team for this major milestone achievement ! I am Proud & Priviledged to be a parent of the first batch who would be qualifying with the CIE curriculum from Budding Minds International school.
Parents of Srilakshmi - Gr-3
Saradha Balaji.
I join with all parents and admirers in offering you my heartiest congratulations on the International affiliation. Your untiring industry, dedicated perseverance, and devotion and immense service have won you this honor. knowing that your achievement will make such a positive difference in our kids career path. Well done !!!
P/o Shivani PP1
Congrats Team BM !!! We feel proud that our child studies is in the hands of an excellent teachers and gurus. Already we feel BM is doing an excellent job in imparting knowledge to our kids and this news gives us double happiness.
Thanks & Regards
Lakshmikanthan T
F/o L.D. Padmapriya
Its great to see budding minds having its sports day for the first time - Hats off to u. We are very happy that our children doesnt miss anything- everything is there at bm Intl. Lucky children...........................
Continue the good work and we are always behind you
Parents of Adarsh Gr-3
We attended observation session in PP2 classroom on Friday, February 15, 2013. A new experience of a kind. Kids play, talk, response, answer and are active in their class room. Teachers (Ms.Ponlatha and Ms. Ramya) put together multifunctional teaching methods. A real fun-filled teaching learning process.
We also attended observation session in Grade 1 the same day. The kids are more active, show enthusiasm, eager to learn more, Interact with examples with extended info related to the main topic.
We feel that we, as parents, have more responsibility to equip ourselves.
Thanks with Regards
Baskar, Vasantha
Parents of Varsha Nehal
We truly accept that Secret of Success in life is only through great Values and Disciplines. 'Info Evening' session will surely mould the parents which in turn will be reflected in children. Tips and checks on reading/writing is very helpful. Thanks for your valuable support in Parenting. Value education class for Graders is showing lot of difference in kids. We feel glad that a spark has striked Arya's mind on values and he is trying to follow the same.
Thanks to Budding Minds team!! Keep Rocking!!
Arya's (Grade 1) Parents BMIS
I would like to share a few earnest feedback about my child S.Deepiga Shri. There is a huge transition in her which has taken place in the form of behaviour,responsibility and patience. we are able to find a great change in her confidence because of your CTS concept.
she is much delighted about innumerable activities like White Board,Swimming pool,March Past etc.
She is much inclined towards book reading. She boast of herself and self improvise which means she is slowly gaining confidence. We feel very proud to say we are the parents of S.Deepigashri. Your info evening workshop which you have given us is a good learning experience for parenting
My heart felt thanks to all the teachers who are behind her success.
Thanks & Regards
Shankar & Chitra
Deepigasri's (Grade -2) parents